6 Hacks To Help Looking Your Best

Being attractive not only helps attract the ladies, it also help climb up the job as well as benefit in other areas of life (like having more confidence etc).  Not everyone can afford to hire their own team stylists, here are 6 things you can do on your own in effort to help yourself look and feel better.

6 tips to becoming hottest guy in Singapore

Get Outdoor!

A tanned skin color can go a long way in helping you to cover up certain ‘flaws’ of your complexion like birthmarks, moles, or even acne scars. Tanned skin also makes you look more sporty and healthy.

Keep your hair in check

Similar to maintaining regular shave, having regular haircut will give you a fresh, clean and professional look and feel. On that note, not all hair stylist are equal. While there are some there’s downright overpriced and overrated, there are many that’s reasonably priced. When it comes to hair stylist, once you find one that get’s your style as well as what suits you, you won’t have to look for another one anytime soon. Do note that you do need to pay more than your local barber shop for an above average one.

Watch your diet

Consider switching to a healthier and cleaner diet once in awhile. The easiest way is to keep a habit of eating clean for two days in a week. Make sure they are the same day of the week where you are less likely to stray from your plan.After 6 weeks of routine you will find that it has become a second nature of your eating.

Eat a mixture of fruits and vegetables including berries that are rich in antioxidants and have anti-aging benefits. Healthy types of protein such as eggs, lean meat and beans, omega-3 fatty acids from salmon, whole grains like brown rice and quinoa also help supply fiber to your body.

Outfit matters

Changing up your closet is perhaps the fastest thing to do that’ll immediately make you look more handsome. Don’t simply head out to buy everything though. Take your time to try around, shop around and test to find out what suits your look and body type. Also experiment with different styles once in awhile to keep things fresh. Never skip wearing watches to match your daily outfit (check out this Bencoolen watch).

Make that Pearly Whites shine

Other than a hot looking men’s body, nothing turns a lady on more than having a white and healthy smile. Here’s a few things to note, floss daily, brush twice daily and rinse your mouth after drink coffee and right after every meal.

Take Care of Your Skin

It can be easy to take your good complexion for granted during your younger days. Skincare is a big part of keeping your youthful look in check. Wash your face twice a day at least and be sure to have at least a moisturiser and eye cream after you shower at night.

A facial sunscreen also goes a long way in preventing discolouration as well as prevent any possible cancer causing harm caused by the sun radiation.


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